Camp News 2014

“Ask Cal!”

Can you recall the tales of the Old West where a cowhand rides the range, checking the fences, rounding up the livestock and tending the out-buildings on the far reaches of the ranch? For the past 20+ years, Cal Reichart has been caring for everything within this 320 acre tract of forests, streams, prairies and buildings, for a time as a volunteer and then for over a decade as a dedicated staff member. He would ride a motorized Gator or his pick-up truck to check the fences, trails and roads for wash-outs and to drive the horses back to the corral. Cal knew the people, the campers, the horses, even the wildlife and every inch of every building on the HPC grounds. The watch-words of camp have been for years “Ask Cal!” If someone or something needed help, fixing or tearing down, Cal knew what to do and how to get it done.

Money has always been tight at the camp which relies on donations for many expenses. Careful stewardship is required to carry out our mission of providing a Christ-centered experience at our camps and retreats.  Cal was an expert on how to get the most out of old facilities or equipment and how to keep things running past their prime. He also was great at mobilizing volunteers to assist with projects that otherwise would not be possible. Literally thousands of volunteer hours were organized and dozens of much needed repair and replacement projects were shepherded by Cal.

It is with great appreciation that Cal is honored and remembered at the time of his retirement. While new staff have been hired, it will be impossible to replace all of Cal’s knowledge of “how to, when to and who to” that has kept HPC running for years. We may, on occasion, still have to pick up the phone to “Ask Cal!”