Let me introduce myself, I am Cheryl Ringeisen’s father, Libby’s Granddad. And obviously Randy is my son-in-law.

In April 2004, I was diagnosed with cancer in my kidney, adrenal glands, pancreas, and lungs. I was given one year to live.

I attended the bell concert that summer, and when you closed with May the Peace of the Lord Be with You, I wept profusely, because I needed peace. I was tremendously blessed and felt His peace envelope me. Each year I look forward to that closing song.

I did not fear death, but your group ministered comfort, peace, encouragement and reassurance to my inner man.

So you are doing a good work, and ministering more than you realize.

Gratefully yours,
Ernie Gruen
Gal. 6:9–So don’t get tired of doing what is good. Don’t get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time. NLT

Gail, Janet, Kipp, Kathy and Chuck,

I was so glad and honored to be a part of such a great week! You have abundant talent and insight as leaders. I enjoyed your welcoming smiles and efforts to make me feel a part of the group. Even as outgoing as I may be, sometimes it can be hard to break in to an established tradition.
Some of my thoughts:

  1. In the middle of reading session I am thinking here I am on Interstate 29 pedaling as fast as I can on a bicycle while all these cars are speeding past me. Yikes!!!
  2. To my left is a 12 year old child, to the right, my “mother”…now that is intergenerationalism at its finest! (also what really caught my eye on your web promotion).
  3. While we are a few years away from handbells at my church, being with you instilled more of an urgency to seek them out for our music ministry.
  4. We have a local training event planned in October here. I plan to tell them about my experience and promote your event. I’m sure a lot of what I learned there I will build on here.
  5. Just an idea: perhaps consider sessions for beginning handbell directors on how to get started…most of what I learned from instinct I was able to supplement through things I leaned at your camp, but not so sure it would be so easy for someone who might be “greener”. I’m sure at times you were wondering what to do with me!
  6. Due to travel costs, I may not be able to come every year, so don’t take my absence as a negative sign. I was truly wonderful how things gloved together this time…..

Peace be with you and yours!!!


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