Class Examples

Here are some examples of the kinds of classes we have offered in the past. You will get a full list of classes to choose from when you arrive at camp.

Bell and Music Symbols
Learn how to utilize the variety of techniques used in playing bells that is beyond ringing.  Also, learn to speak the language and understand what the music symbols and abbreviations mean.

Directors Have Issues
Share challenges and ideas; joys & sorrows of working with clergy; difficult ringers & directors; money & equipment issues; time & energy problems.

Drums & Percussion Instruments = FUN
By using percussion instruments of all shapes and sizes we will learn rhythms and songs that bring out the fun in music.

Handbell Conducting: the Basics and Beyond
Ringers could also be the director of a choir in the future.  But, everyone needs to understand what those arm and hand motions mean as the choir becomes a coordinated musical team.

Handbells in Worship
Handbell Directors and ringers will take home ideas as models for Creative use in Worship.  Ideas include: tolls, peals, shakes, random-ring patterns, bass ostinato patterns, cluster chords, etc.  We will look at handbell settings and ideas designed to enrich hymn singing.

Mallet & Stopped Sound Techniques
Using mallets in music can be quite fun!  However, many stopped sound techniques are tricky and composers often use mallets and other techniques in fast rhythms that require a close study.

Maori Stick Games I & II
These fun rhythm games from New Zealand are great for ringers. They help to develop coordination, cooperation, memory skills and the ability to internalize the beat. You must be able to sit on the floor.

Music Store
In the Fireside Room we will set up a store for campers that will include most everything a ringer or director needs for handbell supplies and gifts. We have two vendors (Jeffers Supply and Third Bell on the Right) selling supplies, gifts, clothing, dowels for singing bells, custom printed gloves, books, music, and Christmas decorations.

Music Therapy and Special Needs with Handbells
How can handbells and handchimes be an outreach for those ringers young and old and special needs? These budding musicians can also participate in the music program of your church.

Musicality…Ringing with Emotion
Time, Space, Energy – taking the basics in any level of music or ringer experience to the next level.  Learn how to use your body language, dynamics & imagery to create and emotional experience for ringers and listeners.

Rhythms and More
What does a downbeat look like?  You cannot find the “and” of three unless you know conducting patterns.  This class is especially helpful to the new ringer as well as a refresher session as we study what musically is necessary for our “CONCERT” music.

Roundtable Talk for Handbell Discussion
Bring your question & concerns – here are some examples: Should I join AGEHR; are there magazines and clinics and reading sessions to help; how do I recruit, calendar, tour, raise $$$, order music; how do I get my bells fixed? Got Questions??? Bring ‘em !

Sight Reading Sessions
We will read through approximately 10 compositions per session. We will cover AGEHR, Bells & Voices, Favorites, Handchimes, Holiday, Seasons of the Church Year, Originals, Wedding & Funeral and Area 8 Festival selections. Music packets will include 2 thru 6+ octaves of bells plus handchime music at a variety of performance levels.

Tie Dye Gloves
Get fancy and let your hands shine as bright as your bells. We’ll be taking time to pretty up those digits that are wrapped around those heavenly bells. Laugh, have fun and learn something to take back to your ringers – young and older.

Tricky Rhythms
A fun & active class that helps the ringer FIND the beat or off-beat, enhance coordination and memory skills.

Solo & Small Ensemble
Learn the tools necessary to ring an entire song by yourself or with just a few ringers. We will also discuss set up, music selection, memorization, choreography and musicality for your performance. Try to learn a selection for the Talent Show!

Four-in-Hand & Shelly Technique
Now that you have mastered your two bells and their accidentals, now learn the art of handbell “ballet”. Learn how to ring the upper bells by learning 4-in-Hand (o course 2 bells in each hand) and Shelly which assists in playing those many notes that are in octaves.

Wind Ensemble – Canceled for 2022 Camp
This is time once a day to rehearse in a small group (without bells) that will provide the camp concert’s prelude. If you play an instrument, bring it with you. Chuck Ford is our “Resident Arranger” and will provide hard-copy music for you to participate in this ensemble. AND you can play a solo during the talent show! Don’t be hesitant – clean out the cobwebs, oil it up – and bring your instrument to handbell camp.

Are You Ready to Ring?